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How to Find a Book

Our Search Engine is available again where you can search for just about anything such as State, Author, Site, Artifacts, etc.: 

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Archaeological Booklets
These archaeological booklets are usually less than 100 pages and focus on single or a limited number of subjects .   A wealth of information in a small package.  Check out our booklets by clicking here.

Archaeological maps from various publications

Crania Americana
A Comparative View of Skulls of Various Aboriginal Nations of North and South America
Samuel George Morton, M.D. - 1839

Published  in 1839, 22 years before the outbreak of the U.S. Civil War, Crania Americana is an  extraordinarily rare book in any condition. Criticized in this modern, somewhat more enlightened age,  for its early 19th Century views on race, the publication of Crania Americana did provide important early steps toward the modern science of  physical anthropology.

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Early Bulletins of the 
Texas Archeological and Paleontological Society

The first 25 years of  this fine archeological publication.  It's extreme scarcity is primarily due to the extraordinarily low number published (300 per year) as well as the high demand it now enjoys.  We would like to express our appreciation to the Texas Archeological Society for allowing us to reprint these volumes. 

We would also like to offer a special thanks to Tim Perttula for his invaluable assistance over the last 18 months  in making some of these rare Texas archaeological reprints possible.

We will be adding new volumes over the next several weeks, so please check back often if a volume of interest is not yet available.   Click here to access  the BTAS Page.

Having started this project quite a while ago, we pulled it off of the back burner recently due to the large number of requests.  This is truly an important contribution to United States archaeology and is our largest single volume reprint, check out the details here.

Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley
Squier and Davis 1848
View Detail and Order Page

Rare and expensive, many of the surviving books are in pretty bad shape.  A combination of age and the stresses put on the binding due to its large size makes opening an original a crap shoot for additional damage.  As expected, foxing (brown areas on the paper) and degradation of the binding and pages can be expected and may be extreme in many examples.   Some pages, such as the plates, are typically foxed and stained much more heavily than text pages. 

<<=== The page on the left has an average amount of foxing and ink from one of  the plates has also transferred to this page which adds to the degraded appearance. 

On the right, the same page  after restoration. ===>>>

Archeological Atlas of Ohio is Now Available on CD

New Details and Map Sample Page on Archaeology Page 1

The Archeological Atlas of Ohio - Mills 1914

Any way you spell it The Archeological (Archeological) Atlas of Ohio was, and is,  the most famous and comprehensive archaeological atlas ever printed - with  over 5,000 archaeological features of the Buckeye State identified.  The original publication run was limited to only 500 copies which accounts for the extreme rarity and high cost of the few surviving originals.

This large format (approximately 12" x 17") soft cover book is printed on acid-free, premium heavyweight paper and features the full-size, color maps of each of the 88 Ohio counties as found in the original.   Click here to see the link and/or order this book on Archaeology Page 1

Archaeology Quick Index

8 A Narrative of Explorations in New Mexico, Arizona, Indiana, etc. Moorehead, Warren K.
11 A Study of the Glacial Kame Culture in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana Cunningham, Wilbur M.
2 Aboriginal Chipped Stone Implements of New York Beauchamp,William M.
8 Aboriginal Copper WI Archeologist
15 Aboriginal Pottery of the Eastern U.S. Holmes, William H.
9 Aborigines of Minnesota Winchell
14 Additional Hopewell Material from Illinois Griffin
18 Adena People Webb & Snow
18 American Bisons, Living and Extinct Allen
18 Analysis of Indian Village Site Collections from Louisiana and Mississippi Ford
7 Ancient Earth Forts of the Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio Whittlesey
5 Ancient Life in Kentucky Funkhouser and Webb
10 Ancient Mining on the Shores of Lake Superior Whittlesey, Charles
11 Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley Squier and Davis
11 Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley - 48 Plate Set Squier and Davis
5 Ancient Pottery of the Mississippi Valley Holmes, William H.
12 Ancient Quarry in Indian Territory Holmes, William H.
3 Animal Carvings From Mounds of the Mississippi Valley Henshaw, Henry W.
3 Antiquities of  Central and South-Eastern Missouri Fowke
3 Antiquities of Tennessee Thruston, Gates P. 
13 Annual Report of WPA and The University of Texas Archaeological Research Jackson, Woolsey
J&L Apishapa Canyon Archeology  
1 Archaeological Atlas of Kentucky Webb and Funkhouser
1 Archeological Atlas of Ohio Mills, William C. 
1 Archeological Atlas of Ohio - ON CD Mills, William C. 
9 Archeological History of New York, Part 1 Aboriginal Occupation of New York Parker, Arthur C.
9 Archeological History of New York, Part 2 Archaeological Atlas by County Parker, Arthur C.
9 Archeological Investigations Fowke, Gerard
J&L Archeological Investigations SD and WY Part 1, Angostura Reservoir  
J&L Archeological Investigations SD and WY Part 2, Keyhole Reservoir  
17 Archaeological Survey of Eastern Colorado Renaud
11 Archaeological Survey of Guntersville Basin Webb and Wilder
17 Archaeological Survey of Indiana - 4 VOLUMES Variuos
12 Archaeological Survey of Kentucky - Volume 1 Webb and Funkhouser
1 Archaeological Survey of Kentucky - Volume 2 (Archaeological Atlas) Webb and Funkhouser
14 Archaeological Survey of Kentucky - Volume 3 Webb and Funkhouser
13 Archaeological Survey of Texas Sayles
J&L Archaeology, Ecology and Ethnohistory Minnesota and Manitoba  
16 Archeology in Arkansas Volume 1 - Caddo Archeology McKinnon
14 Archaeology of Hamilton County, Ohio Starr
7 Archaeology of Maine Moorehead, Warren K.
7 Archaeology of Ohio Read, M.C.
8 Archaeology of the Arkansas River Valley Moorehead
9 Archeology of Mississippi Brown
8 Art in Shell Holmes, William H.
J&L Ash Hollow Cave  
10 Atlatls and Bannerstones, Excavations at Indian Knoll Webb, William S.
13 Baby Cradles of the Ozark Bluff Dwellers S.C. Dellinger
14 Basket Designs of the Indians of California - COMPILATION VOLUME Kroeber, Dixon, Merrill
1 Basket Designs of the Indians of Northwestern California Kroeber, A.L
1 Basket Designs of the Mission Indians of  California Kroeber, A.L
1 Basketry Designs of the Indians of Northern California Dixon, Roland B.
1 Basketry of the San Carlos Apache Roberts
1 Basketwork of the North American Aborigines Mason, Otis
14 Belcher Mound Clarence Webb
16 Big Bend Basket Maker Papers Nos. 1-3 Martin
BK1 Birdstone Ceremonials of Wisconsin Brown
J&L Boarding School Bison Drive Site  
10 Burial Mounds of the Northern Sections of the United States Thomas
J&L Caddoan Interaction in the Neches Valley, Texas  
17 Cahokia or Monks Mound - Greatest Monument of Prehistoric Man Various
17 Cahokia Mound Group and Its Village Site Materials Titterington
17 Cahokia Mounds Origin  & Cahokia and Surrounding  Mound Groups Crook & Bushnell
14 Californian Bone Artrifacts and Californian Shell Artifacts Gifford, E. W.
13 Certain Caddo Sites in Arkansas Harrington, M.R. 
14 Certain Caves and Rock Shelters of Kentucky Webb, et al
12 Certain Mounds and Village Sites in Ohio, Volume 1 Mills, William C. 
8 Circular, Square and Octagonal Earthworks of Ohio Thomas

Classics in Texas Archeology -Volume 1 - Caddo Archeology


Classics in Texas Archeology -Volume 2 - Jornada Mogollon Archeology

16 Classics in Texas Archeology -Volume 3 - Texas Coastal Archeology Perttula
16 Classics in Texas Archeology -Volume 4 - Panhandle S High Plains Perttula
16 Classics in Texas Archeology -Volume 5 - Central TX and Lower Pecos Perttula
14 Contributions to the Archaeology of Mammoth Cave and Vicinity, Kentucky Nelson
15 Contributions to the Archaeology of Missouri Part 1 Pottery Evers, Potter
15 Contributions to the Archaeology of The Illinois River Valley Griffin, Morgan
14 Crania Americana Morton
12 Corner-Tang Flint Artifacts of Texas Patterson
18 Crooks Site: A Marksville Period Burial Mound in LaSalle Parish, Louisiana Ford & Willey
J&L Culture History of the Black Hills - Adjacent Areas Northern Great Plains  
J&L Dakota and Corbuster Winter Counts  
J&L Dakota or Sioux Indians, A Study in Human Ecology  
13 Decorative Art and Basketry of the Cherokee Speck
10 Descriptions of Ancient Works in Ohio Whittlesey, Charles
8 Discussion as to Copper from the Mounds Moore, Putnam, etc.
12 Distribution of the Aboriginal Population of Michigan Hinsdale
14 Dolls of the Tusayan Indians Fewkes
2 Earthenware of the New York Aborigines Beauchamp,William M.
9 Earthworks in Minnesota Winchell, N.H.
6 Emblematic Mounds and Animal Effigies Peet, Stephen D. 
J&L Essays in the History of Plains Archeology  
J&L Ethnohistorical Interpretation of the Spread of Smallpox Northern Plains  
13 Evidence of Indian Occupancy in Albemarle County, Virginia Bushnell
4 Exploration of Tremper Mound Mills, William C. 
8 Explorations of the Aboriginal Remains of Tennessee Jones
8 Flint Ridge, Certain Mounds and Village Sites in Ohio V3, P3 Mills, William C. 
10 Folsom - The Lindenmeier Site Roberts
8 Foot-Prints of Vanished Races in the Mississippi Valley Conant
15 Fort Ancient - The Great Prehistoric Earthwork of Warren County, Ohio Moorehead
J&L Fort Esperance in 1793-1795, Journal of John MacDonell  
13 Geological Aspects of the Findings of Primitive Man, Near Abilene, Texas Leighton
13 Great Algonkin Flint Mines at Coxsackie Parker
18 George C. Davis Site, Cherokee County, Texas Newell and Krieger
J&L Hagen Site a Prehistoric Village on the Lower Yellowstone  
8 Handbook of Aboriginal American Antiquities, The Lithic Industries Holmes, William H.
4 Hematite Implements: Together with chemical analysis of various hematite Moorehead, Warren K.
J&L Hidatsa Culture Change, 1780-1845: A Cultural Ecological Approach  
J&L Hidatsa Eagle Trapping  
J&L Hogan Builders of Colorado  
1 Hopewell Mound Group of Ohio Moorehead, Warren K.
15 hopewellian communities in illinois  
12 Indian Authorship of Wisconsin Antiquities Brown
17 Indian Beadwork - A Help for Students of Design Wissler
19 Indian Paths of Pennsylvania  
13 Indian Sites Below the Falls of the Rappahannock, Virginia Bushnell
14 Indian Trails of the Southeast Myer
10 Indian Village Site and Cemetery Near Madisonville, Ohio Hooten
12 Introductory Handbook of Texas Archeology Suhm & Krieger
J&L Introduction to Pawnee Archeology  
J&L Journal of an Expedition to the Mauvaises and the Upper Missouri in 1850  
J&L Late Nineteenth Century Village of a Band of Dissident Hidatsa  
17 Map and Guide to Fort Ancient Mills
17 Map and Guide to the Great Serpent Mound Cole
15 Masterpieces Ohio Mound Builders: Hilltop Fortifications Includ. Fort Ancient Randall
2 Metallic Implements of the New York Indians Beauchamp
14 Mimbres Valley Archaeology Fewkes
15 Mound Builders, The Shetrone
6 Mound Builders of Illinois Throop, Addison J.
6 Mounds of Iowa Webster
18 Native Cemeteries and Forms of Burial East of the Mississippi Bushnell
18 Native Village and Village Sites East of the Mississippi Bushnell
13 Nacoochie Mound in Georgia, The Heye. Hodge, Pepper
J&L Na'nza, The Ponca Fort  
J&L Occasional Studies in Anthropology, numbers 1 and 2  
18 Ohio Hopewell Ceramics Prufer
11 Ohio Indian Trails Wilcox
POSTER Ohio Flint Types POSTER  
10 Origin and Development of Form and Ornament in Ceramic Art Holmes
J&L Origins of the Hidatsa Indians  
9 Ozark Bluff Dwellers Harrington
16 Painted Pebbles From The Lower Pecos and Big Bend Regions of Texas Davenport and Chelf
1 Perforated Stones From California Henshaw, Henry W.
19 Petroglyphs of California and Adjoining States Steward
19 Petroglyphs of Oregon  
12 Picture-Writing of the Texas Indians Jackson
10 Pipes and Smoking Customs of the American Aborigines McGuire
J&L Plains-Ojibwa or Bungi, Hunters and Warriors of the Northern Prairies  
2 Polished Stone Articles Used By The Aborigines of New York Beauchamp,William M.
1 Pomo Indian Basketry Barrett
14 Poverty Point Ford & Webb
9 Prehistoric Antiquities of Indiana Lilly
10 Prehistoric Ethnology of a Kentucky Site Smith
5 Prehistoric Implements Moorehead, Warren K.
3 Prehistoric Men of Kentucky Young
4 Prehistoric Relics Moorehead, Warren K.
13 Prehistoric Rock Shelter in Val Verde County, Texas Pearce & Jackson
10 Prehistoric Textile Art Holmes
J&L Prehistory and History of the Hermann Site Gasconade County, Missouri  
5 Primitive Drilling McGuire
9 Primitive Industry Abbott
8 Primitive Man in Michigan Hinsdale
2 Primitive Man in Ohio Moorehead, Warren K.
9 Primitive Methods of Working Stone Pond, Alonzo W.
J&L Proceedings of the Fifth Plains Conference for Archeology  
18 Relics of the Revolution Bolton
J&L Remote Sensing the American Great Plains  
J&L St Helena Archaeology: New Data, Fresh Interpretations  
POSTER Selected Ohio Flint Types POSTER  
J&L Selected Articles on Plains Woodland  
16 Serpent Mound Radall
17 Serpent Mound and Prehistoric Remains in the Ohio Valley Putnam
J&L Shabik'eshchee Village - A Late Basketmaker site in the Chaco Canyon  
7 So-Called 'Gorgets' Peabody & Moorehead
XX Societies in Eclipse Brose, Cowan, Mainfort
10 Some Aboriginal Sites on Green River, Kentucky Webb, W.S.
6 Some Iowa Mounds Ward
16 Source Material on the History and Ethnology of the Caddo Indians Swanton, John R.
4 Stone Ornaments Used by the Indians in the United States and Canada Moorehead, Warren K.
7 Stone Implements of the Potomac-Chesapeake Tidewater Province Holmes, William H.
J&L Stone Tipi Rings in North Central Montana and Alberta, Canada  
1 Summary of the Archaeology of Iowa Starr, Frederick  
14 Survey of Ohio Fluted Points Prufer, Olaf H.
13 Survey of Oklahoma Archaeology Bell and Baerreis
13 Symbolism in Ancient American Art Putnam & Willoughby
17 Wesleyan University Collection Antiquities of TN - Some Mounds of East TN MacCurdy
14 Texas Type Descriptions Suhm & Jelks
11 Thruston Collection Vanderbilt University
6 Turner Mound Group of Earthworks Hamilton County, Ohio Willoughby, Charles C.
8 Ulrich Group of Mounds, Certain Mounds and Village Sites in Ohio V3, P2 Mills
POSTER U. S. Mounds Distribution POSTER Thomas
12 Wampum and Shell Articles Beauchamp
14 Wichita Indian Archaeology and Ethnohistory - Pilot Study Bell, Jelks
J&L Wichita Indians 1541-1750 Ethnohistorical Essays  
J&L Wild Rice Gatherers of the Upper Great Lakes  
15 Wulfing Plates: Products of Prehistoric Americans Watson

The Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences

The Davenport Tablets, Elephant Pipes and some wonderful prehistoric pottery from the United States and Peru (click here for more).

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