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Archaeology Books

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Hematite Implements by Warren K. Moorehead Hematite Implements of the United States: together with chemical analysis of various hematite, Warren K. Moorehead (1912)

Warren K. Moorehead (1866-1939) was the directory of the R.S. Peabody Foundation for Archaeology at Phillips Academy in Andover Massachusetts from 1912 through 1920 and went on to become the first Curator of Archaeology at the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society. This is a thorough work on hematite implements found across the United States. This book also includes the two foldout pages (map and type chart) that were often removed from the originals.

This 6" x 9-1/2", 99 page book is perfect bound, contains 24 chapters, 51 photographs and illustrations, fold out map and fold out type chart      $12.95

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Tremper Mound by William C. Mills Exploration of the Tremper Mound. William C. Mills (1916)

The Tremper Mound is located 5 miles north of the city of Portsmouth, Ohio and was excavated in 1915 under the direction of William C. Mills. Henry C. Shetrone (Mills' assistant at the time) also participated in this excavation and was responsible for the restoration of many of the wonderful effigy and platform pipes that were found there.  Among the many finds during the excavation were two caches. Cache #1 consisted of over 500 objects including: 136 tobacco pipes (effigy and platform), ear spools, woven fabrics, crystals of galenite and mica, bone ornaments (some human) and objects of flint, copper, wood and pipestone.

This 7-3/4" x 10-1/2",  140 page soft cover book is profusely illustrated with many photographs and diagrams and two full color plates of red pipestone platform pipes.  $14.95
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Prehistoric Relics by Warren K. Moorehead Prehistoric Relics, Warren K. Moorehead (1912)  

Some wonderful artifacts representing museum and private collections from the turn of the Twentieth Century.  Interesting discussions of artifacts and over 100 references to other archaeology books, articles and pamphlets.  The two foldouts are quite often missing in the originals - especially  the large (11" x 17") classification chart which was not bound into the original, but inserted.

This 7-3/4" x 10-1/2",  165 page soft cover book, contains 2 foldouts and illustrates 850 artifact specimens in 146 figures and photographs.  $13.95
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Stone Ornaments by Warren K. Moorehead Stone Ornaments Used By The Indians of the United States and Canada: Being a Description of Certain Charm Stones, Gorgets, Tubes, Bird Stones and Problematical Forms, Warren K. Moorehead (1917)  

Warren K. Moorehead's magnum opus, this monumental work is a comprehensive study of the stone ornaments produced by the prehistoric American aborigine.  Well over 1000 artifacts are illustrated in 32 chapters of 448 pages.  This book also includes  a comprehensive bibliography of 17 pages..

This 7-3/4" x 10-1/2",  448 page soft cover is profusely illustrated with 265 figures and photographs (2 in full color, 3 photogravure), 3 fold out type charts and 3 maps.     $27.95

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