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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


Archaeological Survey of Kentucky - Volume 3

The University of Kentucky. Reports in Archaeology and Anthropology

Volume 3, Numbers 1 through 6


McLeod Bluff Site in Hickman County

Occurrence of Fossil Remains of Pleistocene Vertebrates in the Caves of Barren County

Rickets Site in Montgomery County

Rock Shelters In Menifee County

Chilton Site in Henry County

Ricketts Site Revisited Site 3, Montgomery County

Webb & Funkhouser (1933-1940)

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

After we republished the Archaeological Atlas of Kentucky, which is volume two of  the University of Kentucky's fine Archaeological Survey of Kentucky series, we decided to follow up with Volume 3..  Of special interest are the objects found in the saltpeter rich caves and rock shelters including fabrics, wood, string and other perishable materials. 


Mammoth Americanus - Remains of these were found in the caves of Barren County

According to the forward of each of the 6 parts:  This report is the first of a series on Kentucky archaeology to be issued by the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology of the University of Kentucky.  The reports will be published from time to time as the investigations warrant and will be paged and bound to eventually form regular volumes.

Webb had originally intended for these parts to be bound into one volume but we haven't seen one of these so I don't know if it was ever actually offered in that format.  We are pleased to offer volume three in its entirety as designed ... just 75 years later.


 Two Views of the Newt Kash Shelter (click images to enlarge)


This 6-3/4" x 9-1/2", soft cover book contains 280 pages, and is profusely illustrated with scores of photographs and drawings. $24.95  


Rock Shelter Storage Pits Hominy Hole Pottery Trowels

Pipe - Ricketts Site

Ricketts Site Excavation Crew

Ricketts Site Stone and Copper Artifacts
Textile Cache Ricketts Site Artifacts Leech Hopper
Sample  Plates - click on image to enlarge