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Media Mail Shipping $3.00 Flat Rate Per Order - U.S. Only


Basket Designs

of the Indians of Northwestern California

A. L. Kroeber - 1904

 Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Another basketry design book from A.L. Koreber in which he discusses basket designs associated with the Indians of Northwestern California.

“TThe Indians of extreme northwestern California, while showing many similarities to the other tribes of California, and some approximation to those of the north Pacific coast, are in many ways peculiar in their culture. The territory occupied by this group of tribes is very limited, comprising only Humboldt and Del Norte and small parts of Trinity and Siskiyou counties. Their specialized culture is found in its most highly developed form among the tribes of the lower Klamath and Trinity rivers: the Yurok, Karok, and Hupa. The Hupa belong to one of the California groups of the great Athabascan linguistic stock. The Yurok and Karok are small isolated linguistic stocks. The three languages are as radically different in phonetics as they are totally unrelated in vocabulary. The three tribes live in close contact, with more or less intercourse and generally friendly relations. In their culture they are remarkably alike.

This 6-1/2" x 9-1/2", soft cover book contains 74 pages including the  7 full page plates of baskets as well as 8 full pages of design elements.  $10.95  


Yurok Basket

Yurok Dance Basket

Karok Cooking Basket


  Design elements


Sample  Plates - click on image to enlarge