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Vintage Mission Furniture plans cover
Vintage Mission Furniture Projects
Original Designs from the American Arts & Crafts Period Movement

Original period woodworking plans and projects

Edward F. Worst - 1917

Gustav's Library Vintage Reprint

Undoubtedly one of the best Manual Arts instruction manuals of woodworking plans and projects of the early 1900's.  Mission furniture is well represented by the instructions, plans and photographs for making: parchment lampshades, floor and table lamps, weaving baskets for plant stands, rushing furniture, desks, chairs, Morris chairs, foot stools, newspaper tray, directory rack, leg rests, magazine racks, waste baskets, screens, smoking stands, stationary case, tabourets, candle sticks, sconces, plant rack, folding table, telephone table and chair, etc.  These woodworking plans and projects are sure to please any woodworker with interest in  Mission furniture.

Edward F. Worst was the Supervisor of Elementary Manual Training and Construction Work in Chicago during the early part of the 20th Century.

Soft cover, 7-3/4" x 10", 246 pages. $24.95   


Click here to view sample PDF file (369K)

Woodworking plans for this Morris Chair



Table  of Contents - Mission Furniture Plans and Projects

Chapter I

PROBLEMS IN WOODWORK—The Squaring Up Process-Solitaire Game—Nine Men Morris—Chip Carving—Stationery Holders—Bird Houses—Tabourets—Shoe Polishing Stand—Plant Rack—Costumer—Telephone Table and Chair—Folding Table—Writing Desk—Miscellaneous Problems

Chapter II
ELECTRIC LAMPS—Parchment Lamp Shades—Shapes and Sizes of Shades—Cutting the Shade—Fitting the Rings— Painting the Shade—Designs for Decoration of Shades— Electric Lamp—Floor Lamp

Chapter III
METAL AND WOOD—Designs for Hinge Tails, Escutcheons and Draw Pulls

Chapter IV
ASH SPLINT WORK—Trays and Baskets—Cutting Gauge-Cutting Splints—Making a Small Tray—Circular Basket or Tray—Making a Cover—Combination of Wood and Splints—Making a Screen

Chapter V
CANE WEAVING—Origin and Use of Cane—Making a Fernery—Steps in Six-Step Caning—Binding—Trimming— Four-Step Caning—Problems—Caning an Old Chair

Chapter VI
RUSH SEATING—Varieties and Sources of Materials—Method of Wrapping—Splicing Cord—Splicing and Twisting Rush —Stuffing    Rush    Seats—Placing    Frames—Wrapping    a Rectangular Seat—Treatment of Irregular Shaped Seats-

Chapter VII
HICKORY SPLINTS—The Splints—Making a Bending Form-Fitting Tenons—Weaving

Chapter VIII
UPHOLSTERING—Simple Methods—Upholstering Chair Seats —Making Upholstered Cushions

Chapter IX
ROUND AND FLAT REED WEAVING — Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple Weaving—Making Mats—Splitting Spokes—Beginning the Weave—Tension—Overcasting— Constructing Borders—Pairing Weaves—Making Closed Borders—Miscellaneous Mats—Weaving Baskets—Shaping Baskets—Finishing the Top—Various Small Baskets— Alternate Method of Beginning a Basket—Large Baskets— Handles—Covering Pottery Forms—Covered Sandwich Plate—Covered Vase and Bowl—Melon Shaped Basket— Reed and Wood—Serving Tray—Foot Stools—Fern Stand —Sewing Stands

Chapter X
TEXTILES AND WOOD—Foot Stool—Waste Basket—Screens —Danish and Swedish Looms



Wonderful Mission Furniture Plans